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Have you ever been in a new city and felt it had a vibe? That's your natal chart impacting you directly.

When you're born, your personal planetary lines are etched upon Earth. Astrological energy is empowering cities and locations in ways that directly affect you.

With our locational astrology reading you'll know exactly how a city will impact you before even setting foot there.

Are these impacts negative or positive?

Will it be a good move for your or your family?

Is your city holding you back from your dreams and goals?

Your natal chart holds the answers.

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This locational astrology reading report shares every planetary influence in any city or region that impacts you personally.

You'll receive a profound deep dive that reveals everything you need to know about a city.

It details every planetary influence that will affect your day to day life while you're in the area.

Where most locational astrology and astrocartography reports stop; we go beyond including all 12 house lines, Ceres/Chiron, parans and midpoints.

All you need is an accurate birth time and date, and a selected city.

What a report includes:

  • Handcrafted personal analysis of all local Planetary lines, how they will affect ALL areas of your life, and the magnitude of the impact (includes angular, succedent and cadent lines) for a chosen city.
  • Explores Parans influencing the area
  • Explores Midpoints: These lines of power are often missed and could heavily impact an experience in a city.
  • The state of the planets involved are also accounted for; not all Sun lines behave the same for everyone.

Reports will be written and delivered by e-mail within 24 hours. Confirmation email may be in your promotions inbox.

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